I spent the entire day editing photographs. While it does get tedious at times, there are few other things I would rather spend an entire day doing. Something about it puts my A.D.D. brain into hyper-focus and I nearly forget to eat. Anyone who has any experience with A.D.D. knows all about hyper-focusing. I guess that makes this kind of gig rather ideal for someone like me. I can spend hours nitpicking the fine details of my images; less shadow here, more color there, a touch of dehaze, a dash of vignette…less highlight, MORE highlight…a bit of sharpening, a bit of luminance…oops! Too much luminance! More detail here, less detail there…and ยกvoila! My already-pretty-nice image is suddenly art. Ish. Eh…having known a few truly talented ARTISTS, I dare not say my images are art. But maybe they’re artishy. Art-tastic. Artsy. Hey, that last one is actually a word!

Some people say that art is whatever you say it is. I think, to a certain extent, that’s true. I think art is Art. Something skillfully, knowledgeably, purposefully created which requires talent, determination and ability. I don’t believe a doorknob, of itself, to the average man, in an everyday sense, is a work of art. However, I think in the right context, with some specific knowledge and a bit of handpicked background information, a doorknob can be Art. Certainly the person who designs doorknobs finds some creative catharsis in the act of his creating, and perhaps he considers his creation Art. Maybe that’s what makes one thing just a thing and another thing – Art. Maybe it’s the experience of it, the emotion behind it. I do believe there are countless forms of art, and that it can be created out of just about anything. I believe music is Art, for example. I also believe childrearing can be Art. ChildBEARING can be Art. Growing things from the ground can be Art. And if there’s one thing that I know for certain, it’s that a life without Art is hardly any life at all.

Art is kind of like God. It is whatever it means to you.

If that doesn’t make any sense to you, I do apologize. Rambling does my brain some good after a day full of nitpicking. If you got to this point, God bless you! And thank you for spending a minute with me.

Here’s a little something from my day.


Courtesy of Keely Radau Alexander, a woman who knows a little something about the Art of childrearing and bearing.